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NEW! 13/06/2010
What an eventful day! GLR have been all over the centre of Bristol today, distributing our newest compilation CD (GLR Homegrown Vol.I) far and wide.

Mega props to the 200-odd naked cyclists who descended upon college green to combat climate change, special thanks to those who accepted our free CDs, despite having no pockets to put them in!

stay green!

Okay, since last I posted news we've done a lot: Kev's recent demos have borne fruit culminating in his newest release, LP An Ever Changing Reflection; Danny Dasher continues his psychotropic journey through the music of the soul with his second LP Artwork Showcase; Alex French has returned to the scene with plans for an upcoming EP (The Last EP); Luke Kear compadre River of Leaves has released his first LP Me and Nyx (although I have yet to create his band page); Kesey's band page is now up, along with links to his music - although there are still some elements that need patching up, content-wise... and finally we have a few compilation records in the works due for release by or at the end of the year. So in all its been a busy month and we show no signs of slowing down.


More and more updates now. Just about everyone's music is up and available now except for Kesey's, including (sort of) new addition to GLR Danny Dasher.

Other updates include COPM's re-released collection, two more albums from CT, Kev's demos and more - enjoy.

Danny Dasher has just released his debut solo album Break Away. See 'new releases' or discog page.

Psychedelic Murder downloadable links now up here. More to come soon (sorry I'm such a slow bastard lol)...


An update on the update: Okay, so we're nearly there - there are just a few more minor alterations/additions to go...

P-Murder still need a downloadable songs list
Kesey, Alex French and Dawn all need band pages
Kesey's records need adding to the discog page
Contact page needs adding
and last but not least, I'm going to browse around for more forum upgrades.

There may be other things I've forgotten about, but either way it'll all be done by the end of the day tomorrow.

Pax y mucho gusta


GLR's next installment is currently being planned/designed/dragged kicking and screaming onto the net and its all change again... drop us a line in the forum to voice your opinions.

The GLR Musical Learning Resource Centre is now open for all aspiring musicians who wish to fill their spongey heads with knowledge. Its purpose? To funnel as many of the free and informative articles, courses, guides, lessons and tips on music (production, theory, history, instrument skills and so on) that lurk on the internet into one place for your benefit. Whoever said knowledge was power probably wasn't far off the mark... visit

New today on the Discog page - Cult of Psychedelic Murder and 160dB albums, FREE to download. Hawaii Live-O (from 2004) and debut Psychedelic Murder can be found...here.

The GLR music-box has finally been updated! 20+ tracks from the absolute cream of GLR.. PLUS: more from GLR.tv coming very soon (if you see a cool video on youtube that you feel like sharing, send me the URL and I'll favourite it, better yet - donate a video of your own devising to the GLR.tv channel via email/msn/myspace/glr etc)... Also, the first GLR/MSNmessenger event will be coming together pretty soon so as to find some sort of purpose and direction, so take this as a fair warning that it will be soon.

Wow.. gee whizz - so much shit all going on at the same time! Ok, first things first: GLR will soon be a part of thebusinessalliance.org - which is being organised by Tre as we speak; its not up yet, but keep checking back to see it fully-functional. Right, next on the agenda - I'd like you all to welcome Tommy, aka The Cult of Psychedelic Murder. His joining us marks a new phase in the GLR master-plan... all will be revealed soon.
The Deceptionist

Well - its been a while since anythings happened here, but heres another clue for you all; the first of GLR's free online series: Beatles I-III.

So.. its all going very slowly - but GLR is scheduled for a refurbishment over the next week. Check back for updates...

Jesus, its been a while since I last posted any news... I'm currently updating the GLR UK myspace page and I've just registered a GLR Youtube Channel as well. Members of the forum - expect a newsletter some time shortly. GLR is being put into action. In other news Colourful Thief is in the process of putting together an album which is expected to be completed over the summer months. Well thats all from me for now, I'll let you all know if anything ever happens around here - keep clicking them links..
The Deceptionist

Kev's EP Forgotten Answers is released this Friday 13th. We're offering free gypsy curses with each copy sold on Friday! Get busy...

Coming Soon: A 6 track, 22 minute EP from Kevin Bridges. Stay tuned...

GLR: growing every day - a belated welcome to UK guitarist and overall music impressario Kevin Bridges. GLR welcomes you, Kev.

Following an unprecedented demand for 160dB material by the general internet-surfing GLR diggin' public I have brought Hawaii Live-O back from the dead. Reviews have been mixed, ranging from 'bad' to 'damnable' - read more in the forum.

Oh my god - fucking A! The long awaited and much anticipated return to me of my Squier Strat. Regular Deceptiphiles will be familiar with my recent two month long ordeal as I've been bitching about it non-stop. Basically my parents agreed to pay for a full service for my birthday/christmas, and that guitar has only been professionally seen to on perhaps just one other occassion so this was quite a big deal for me - but the two months without it was just killing me. Now that it has returned expect a couple of rock-based numbers. Probably covers... I've always wanted to cover Rubber Soul's "The Word" and something tells me I should pay more special attention to Bob Dylan. I'm thinking a renewal of "Like a Rolling Stone"... anyway, yeah. Glad to be back.
The Deceptionist

GLR UK forum is now up here - log in and make yourself heard.

GLR welcomes Welsh experimental/acoustic artist Colourful Thief to it's fold. Look out for more info coming soon...

Well, this was sprung on me at fairly short notice and it's a bit of a break from the mainly guitar-driven stuff I've been up to recently, but it's all good. Opening for Kielo from around 8 or 9 at Ross's party, which is on Friday 23 February and is at 12 Caerleon Road. If you're around get down, bring some booze. This is how it is: 1st half of my set - Acid-Rock/DnB/Reggae, I'm chucking in all sorts really. 2nd half - pure ravin' tunes. I am told that Kielo plays hardstyle. Be there or be without.
The Deceptionist

Support GLR! Tshirts now available in our store.

Dawn in the studio today, recording a session via the magic of Skype!

Early talks in progress with Moroccan group Dawn to join the GLR family. Stay tuned...

The Candle Burns [phoenix edition] is now available to buy for 3.49 [p&p varies, check our international prices in the GLR shop].

The Candle Burns EP will be available from our online store as soon as the store is up! Likelihood is another day or two.

Well - it certainly took us long enough, but GLR has finally made it online; low-cost DIY recording lives on in the 21st century!! I'll be finishing the site for the next few days and adding in the blanks where needed, so bear with me. It'll all be done soon, I swear.

New Releases [more...]

  The Cult of
Psychedelic Murder

Heaven is Now
download / listen

  Kevin Bridges
For A Second (Too Late)
download / listen

  Colourful Thief
Sometimes Nothing
is a Real Cool Hand
download / listen

  Danny Dasher's
Trip Into Madness: Vol. II
download / listen

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