The Butch Birds:

Like a colossal albatross gorged on seaside chips, The Butch Birds have landed!

Based just off the south bank of the river Avon, the flick of a roach-end away from Bristol City Centre, The Butch Birds are the most recent incarnation for band members Mike, Tony, Dave and Alex (previously Dmitri and the Sleepless Jerkoffs) - with new addition Ant on Bass.

Popeye - Drums / Ant Brown - Bass / Dave Rose - Rhythm Guitar / Tone "The Tone" Grinter - Harmonica, Keys / Alex Hmm - Lead Guitar / The Friendly Neighbourhood Cunt - Sax / Dan Robinson - Ground Control

"Based amongst the slime and grime of Bristol, The Butch Birds are a fat little mystery. Four ugly little wasters and one ugly lanky waster. We hit things, strum things, pluck things and pull faces. My mate Rich heard it and said it was alright. To put it bluntly, The Butch Birds are the musical equivalent of a bee stapling dogs bollocks to it's knees; listening to, and watching us is like sharing Rolos with Moses. Could this be the the ultimate party band? Who knows? Don't answer that... Chumps."

"Sounds Alright" ~ Rich
"Don't be a Clarence, Dig?" ~ Popeye


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